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Michelle Jolly - CEO


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As we review our recent year of offering services and support to older people and their families across Lincoln and South Lincolnshire it is very clear that once more we have seen a year of challenge, extreme and unpredicted change, growth and opportunity.

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the entire globe, the third sector and particularly vulnerable older people.

We are very much aware that loneliness and isolation for so many older people is something that sadly, was day-to-day life before COVID 19 and will remain so long after it has gone or is contained, for many older people there is no new normal.

We have always designed and offered services and support to combat loneliness and isolation and we will continue to find new and innovative ways in which to do so safely as we go forward and adapt those services.

The pandemic will perhaps change the way that we work forever, but with challenge comes opportunity to consider and develop new ways of helping older people to love later life, to be socially engaged and more easily connected with others, while being supported to remain independent in their homes wherever possible.

The fundraising and events landscape within this last year has seen enormous change and as we review the incredible events in our last year, including our first ever Age on the Stage intergenerational talent show, I wonder when we may be able to once more plan such incredible engagement and fundraising opportunities in this way.

Local businesses, corporate support, individual fundraising and donations are an ever-important part of helping us to raise much needed funds to support our free services such as Volunteering and Information and Advice.

I hope that you enjoy looking back over our year of activity for 2019/2020. We invite you to join us in driving change forward and highlighting the needs of local older people by sharing this annual review.

Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire are adapting to support our existing and new customers in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. As we navigate our way through these challenging and ever-changing times, we are working hard to ensure the continuation of our services for those who need them the most and the development of new initiatives in response to Covid-19.

The future holds much uncertainty for us all, including Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire, however one thing that is certain is our commitment to support older people in every way we can for as long as we are able to.

Michele Jolly - CEO of Age UK L&SL

CEO – AgeUK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire




No. of Volunteers at 31/03/2020
59% increase on the previous year

Befriending Clients


No. of befriending clients at 31/03/2020
descrease of 7% on the previous year
(see notes at the bottom of this section)

Volunteer Hours


No. of volunteering hours in the year
6% increase on the previous year


New volunteers recruited and started volunteering

The volunteering department supports other departments to provide people willing to give up their time to volunteer for Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire. This enables the organisation to run activities and services to reach out and help as many older people as possible.

Volunteering for AgeUK

The action of volunteering is very positive for both the charity and the person giving up their time, it can give valuable life skills and work experience along with friendships and a feeling of giving back to the community. Many enjoy the feeling of belonging to something and the regular routine that volunteering can offer. Volunteering can also alleviate loneliness and isolation for those living alone at any age.

The Volunteering department also operates a Befriending Service recruiting and training volunteers to offer companionship on a face to face or telephone basis to those in need. This free service helps to keep some of our most vulnerable customers connected to someone and have the opportunity to chat on a regular basis.

I meet some lovely people in the restaurant and I volunteer alongside some super people.

During the financial year of 2019/2020 our volunteers donated 14,170 hours. This social return on investment equates to an added value amount of £116,336. By the end of the financial year we had 200 active volunteers.

Managing a successful volunteering department can be challenging. Our restaurant encountered challenges managing their volunteers, we listened to the concerns and actively sought to recruit volunteers with the required skill set and availability to make a difference to the restaurant; someone who wanted to learn, wanted to spend time with people, someone who was reliable and able to use their initiative and work with less direction. Ideas were shared with restaurant staff on what could be done to make the day to day management a bit easier, and how we could make the restaurant a more appealing place to volunteer, this has resulted in the new process, slowly, making a difference and numbers of volunteers increasing.

It gets me out of the house – that helps me and it helps the people I befriend.

The department worked with the Reception Team to recruit more volunteers on reception. As this is the first point of contact for customers visiting our Park Street centre it was important to ensure that the volunteers were outgoing, friendly, willing and able to help raise awareness of all our services and to take phone calls and input data into the databases competently.

At the start of the year we had several challenges recruiting shop volunteers. We evolved our volunteer training to accommodate the new volunteers, ensuring they were prepared for their role and better able to support the shops.

The Befriending service continued to provide support to lonely or isolated older people this year with Befrienders being recruited consistently throughout the year until March when, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdown, all recruitment was halted which impacted the number of Befrienders recruited for the year. Although the number of Befriended clients was lower this year (49 clients, a -7% on 2018/19) the support provided was consistent and crucial to the clients who received it.

Volunteering for AgeUK

Due to the lockdown all face to face befriending visits were replaced with telephone visits for the last few weeks of the year and this was of significant benefit to many of our clients who would otherwise have had no contact with the outside world. Between 18th March 2020 and 31st March 202 we supported 81 older people with essential provisions (e.g. shopping and medication deliveries etc). Many of these clients were new to the department and not Befriending clients specifically. This highlights the need for this service during the early part of the lockdown.

This year our volunteer numbers exceeded 200, a 59% increase on the previous year! It is anticipated that this will significantly increase in the next financial year due to the success of volunteer recruitment during lockdown when many local people were furloughed, working from home or better able to support people in their local community. The number of hours volunteers have given has also increased and support throughout the whole organisation is more consistent due some of the changes to processes made by the department; these include:

Holding group induction sessions for new volunteers, this was very positive as new volunteers met other new volunteers and increased peer support.

Developed an e-newsletter to improve communications between volunteers and staff.

Introduction of ‘taster sessions’ to give the volunteer, and the department, the opportunity to see if the role was the right fit.

The difference it makes

We recruited a volunteer in Bourne who recently moved to the southern part of county on her own. ‘Debbie*’ was feeling isolated following her recent move to Lincolnshire. Debbie is a friendly lady who wishes to offer friendship to those who can’t get out and about themselves, whilst gaining some wellbeing herself. “It helps me feel more useful” she said.

Debbie was initially matched to one client but due to her time availability was eventually matched with a second, both face to face befriending clients. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck she continued to keep in touch over the phone with both clients and also took on a third to support through the pandemic.

Prior to COVID-19 Debbie had also joined another organisation delivering meals on wheels locally and has been a great advocate for us telling clients about our services while out delivering.

Both Debbie’s regular clients are in their 90’s and very different characters, one client had been a victim of a scam and the family were very appreciative of us being able to be nearby and involve the local police to be able to support her. The other client is in her late nineties and has never owned a television or radio and Debbie has found this very interesting and many conversations with the lady about her life.

Debbie gets great satisfaction from her volunteering and her clients enjoy the regular communication and support.

*names in case studies have been changed

Information & Advice

Topics include

Welfare Benefits including disability benefits

Access to Health and Social Care Services including Adult Social Care assessments.

Housing Options – from minor adaptations in their own home through to considering moving into a care home and the financial regulations and options available.

Transport options including bus passes and Blue Badge applications

This free service offers Information & Advice for people age 50+ on all topics which enable them to remain living independently in the home of their choice. Impartial information and advice enables people to make informed choices when making decisions about their future or that of their family and friends. Support is also offered to carers of older people as they start to face situations which they may not have encountered before and can become overwhelmed with where to turn for help.

In the last financial year a team of 3 staff have carried out a very demanding workload providing specialist information to older people and their Carers.

The challenges we continue to face are the volume of people requiring help, in particular those who are living in isolation across our rural area and struggle with transport options.

The number of Blue Badge applications (300+) demonstrates that our customer base are keen to be out and about but poor transport links make this difficult for them, resulting in many people applying for a Blue Badge giving them the freedom to become more active in their community and access services in a way they would like to.

Office based visits
Home visits
Telephone enquiries
Welfare benefit claims


Added to previous totals this amounts to over £3m claimed for older people locally in the last 3 years.

The difference it makes

Information and Advice

David a 73 year old gentleman called us as we had previously helped him to complete an Attendance Allowance application. We had originally helped him claim Attendance Allowance and it had been awarded for a set period of 2 years. It was due for renewal in 2019 and David called us once more to request help with the renewal forms.

He lives alone and does have family and friends that live nearby who he sees regularly. David is not necessarily isolated, but wanted to remain independent in this area of his life and he did not feel comfortable asking anyone in his close circle to assist him with the claim.

I feel totally different not having to worry so much about money all the time. I did not think I would be entitled to any extra benefits and now that I am it has made life so much easier for me.

We made a home visit to David and helped him complete the renewal form. Once submitted to the DWP his claim was approved and he was awarded the higher rate of Attendance Allowance for an indefinite time, meaning he would not need to reclaim in the future. We returned to visit David at his home at a later date to complete a full benefit check due to the success of the Attendance Allowance award as this can increase the welfare benefits entitlement for older people.

The benefit check calculation revealed that he was on a low pension but was in receipt of rent and council tax benefits so he had assumed he wouldn’t be entitled to any further help. Our advisor was able to inform him that he may qualify for Pension Credit to top up his low pension, and a further application to the Pension Service resulted in an additional weekly income of £44.25.

We were also pleased to advise David that he may be entitled to the E-ON Warm Home Discount of £140 which we would be able to access for him to reduce his household fuel costs.

As a result of our advisors input Mr D is now in receipt of an increased annual income of £5353.

David was very pleased with this and the help he had from Age UK LSL and told us he was ‘absolutely over the moon’!

Park Street Activity Centre

Do not change a thing, fantastic value for money, lovely polite staff, even when it is busy you are not waiting long for food. Thank you.

Walk into our headquarters on Park Street and you will find a welcoming, friendly and bustling hive of activity based in the heart of Lincoln City Centre. Our Activity Centre attracts approximately 1,500 older people through our door every week.

Visitors come to take part in a variety of activities from the sedate to the more energetic or they visit to relax in our bustling, vibrant restaurant. We offer support to all people over 50 via exercise, making and meeting old and new friends, learning new skills and attending our restaurant for a nutritious home cooked meal.

We run a wide range of activities to encourage older people to stay fit and active, we saw approximately 9,500 attendees to our activities and classes throughout the year.

Classes include

Zumba, Yoga and Tai Chi
Indoor Bowls
New Age Kurling
Walking Football and Netball
Various Language Classes
Sequence and Line Dancing
Art and Craft Groups
Book, Scrabble and Knitting Groups
Friendship and Lunch Clubs








Our Lunch Club and Friendship Groups bring together people who otherwise may not get the opportunity to socially engage with others and may become socially isolated. The warm friendly atmosphere, camaraderie and quality home cooked food make for an enjoyable relaxed experience for all.

Park Street Eatery

Open Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm our vibrant, busy restaurant serves both hot and cold food throughout the day. This year we provided over 42,000 nutritious, fresh home cooked meals, snacks, cakes and refreshments. A typical menu includes:

  • Cooked Breakfast
  • Paninis and Sandwiches
  • Choice of two freshly cooked main meals
  • Omelettes and Jacket Potatoes
  • Large selection of homemade cakes and freshly made Scones
per day

Throughout the year the Activity Centre hosted several special events including Lincolnshire Day which had approximately 100 attendees, two craft fayres where we had 18 different traders displaying and selling their goods. We also hosted a Valentine day lunch/dance which was attended by 60 people and our extremely popular Christmas Parties held over three days which was attended by approximately 260 older people filling the air with the smell of Christmas Dinner and the sound of laughter, singing and music.

The difference it makes

Albert’s Story

Albert is a veteran who approached us as he was struggling with feelings of loneliness and also wanted advice and support on financial matters.

We referred him to our information and advice department who helped resolve his challenges. On one visit, while he was in the building he was introduced by one of the reception team to our restaurant.

Albert had lots of stories to tell and very quickly became part of various groups of people. He now comes to the restaurant every day for breakfast and has made lots of friends. He also attends all of our functions throughout the year.

When we recently reopened our centre to the public he was the first person through the door.


Telecare Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Telecare Service provides a range of affordable aids known as “telecare or lifeline equipment” designed with protection and safety in mind, especially for people who are living on their own and wish to remain independent for as long as possible.

Telecare Lincolnshire

The Service is delivered in partnership by Age UK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) and covers the whole county of Lincolnshire.

As part of the service, customers are able to access a range of telecare equipment and keysafes to ensure they feel safe, supported and confident within their own homes. The service can also provide reassurance to family and friends.

A range of products and services available include;

Lifelines and pendants
Fall detectors
Bed sensors
Door sensors
C02 detectors
Temperature extreme sensor
Dementia aids
Response service

As part of the service we are able to install telecare equipment within 7 working days and any urgent installs within 48 hours. We can also provide a maintenance package, maintaining the equipment, responding to faults and completing an annual service check of the equipment once a year.

The difference it makes

Telecare Case Study

Eric lived at home, on his own when he had a bad fall. This resulted in him being admitted to hospital.

A referral was received from the hospital with Eric’s consent for him to have a lifeline and key safe fitted so that should he have any further falls he could get the help and support he needed at the push of a button. It was determined that Eric also required the response service as he had no family and friends who lived nearby that could respond to that all important button alarm, so we were instructed to be the response for Eric.

Our telecare team arranged to visit and fit the equipment to support his safe discharge from hospital. The team met with Eric’s concerned son who travelled up from London especially, to meet the team and have the lifeline equipment installed. This gave him the reassurance that his father would be looked after should he have any further falls, this is often a lifeline for family that live far away, that peace of mind and reassurance that someone will be there if needed.

Once at home the team arranged to visit Eric to show him how to use the equipment and access the response service should he have a fall that did not require medical attention. Eric thanked the team and said it provided him and his son with some peace of mind knowing he could press the button (pendent) and access help at anytime of the day or nght and know that someone would come and help him.

Response Case Study

We were called out to a stay safe during the night on the 21st December because Gerald said that all his power had gone off.

When the responders arrived to Gerald’s home it transpired that he had been away for 5 months in hospital and it was his first night back in his home. He also previously had a care package but this had been stopped due to his admittance into hospital and now he was home but alone and with no power, or heating on a cold December evening.

The Responders found themselves in the immediate position of needing to support a gentleman who had no power, no telephone and no care package going forward.

The responders comforted Gerald, they made him warm and comfortable in bed and called the team leader to advise of the situation which was not what they were expecting to encounter. The team leader called the emergency duty team at social services to report and ask for support.

The EDT were unable to offer any help at that moment in time so the team leader asked for an emergency visit in the morning so that Gerald could be assessed as a matter of urgency. We were told that they couldn’t do this and Gerald himself would have to call in the morning.

We knew immediately that this simple requirement would be problematic as he did not have a working phone due the power being cut off. The power company could not do anything either as it was out of their normal hours.

Our response service team leader arranged with Gerald for a responder to visit him in the morning to check on him and to call the power company and contact social services and arrange a visit.

Gerald needed this vital support to get the most basic of his needs met in his own home. He was was very happy with this and appreciated our support.

The following morning as arranged, our responders visited the Gerald. Our responders together with social services and Gerald created an action plan and rectified some of the challenges making life so difficult for him. An emergency assessment was arranged immediately. Our support prevented this gentlemen being admitted into hospital or having to have a transitional bed, it also offered him reassurance at a very worrying time putting his mind at rest knowing that he would get the support he needed and would no longer struggle at home.

Support Services

Our service provides support to people in and around the home to enable them to remain independent for as long as possible. As well as providing these services, there is added value for customers, knowing that they have a trusted and trained member of staff from Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire supporting them. We regularly communicate, with consent, with family members and other professionals involved in their care.

We offer a variety of services, including

Domestic support
Correspondence and bills
Gardening & Handyperson
Specialised cleaning such as deep clean and spring cleans
Lifestyle Support

Nominated team member - 19 years offering support to older people

Natalie Poole – was nominated for Community Care Leadership Award and was shortlisted as a finalist at the LinCA Care Awards, a night to celebrate all who work tirelessly to support those in our communities.

Help in the home hours
+7,307 on the previous year
Gardening hours
+1,829 on the previous year
Bags of laundry
+138 on the previous year
Hours of deep cleans
122 on the previous year

Our Deep Cleaning service

We attend many deep cleans often to prep a home for the return of its owner following a hospital stay. We completed one such successful deep clean of a hoarded mobile park caravan. The customer was in respite care following a hospital stay and could not come home until a deep clean had taken place and the property was safe to live in. The home was completely overfilled, leaving only one seat on a sofa, which was where the customer lived and slept, it was a huge health, safety and fire risk.

The Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire handyman service saved me time and money! What a great service for a great cause.

A total of 6 days was required to clear and clean the property, following which the customer was able to return home with care visits 4 times per day. The laundry service was also put in place for this customer. Without our support, this individual would not have returned home, we are passionate about helping people to remain independent and supported where necessary to remain at home.

Our financial year ended with lockdown being ordered across the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic on 23 March 2020. This meant that all non-essential services were temporarily ceased, with immediate effect. This included domestic support, laundry, gardening and deep cleans. This was particularly challenging not only for our teams but also for the older people that rely on their support and social interaction. We now face the challenge over the next year of rebuilding services and finding new ways to deliver them safely to our customers.

We are experiencing more and more customers with complex needs, who’s relatives are requesting additional support for them. This can be challenging to pace the support so that the customer feels in control, whilst balancing their needs.

Deep cleans are in high demand and we are finding that customers do not always have the funds available to cover the costs. We are constantly working with other professionals involved in their care and support to find innovative ways to support with this and of course referring people into our own Information and advice department for support.

The difference it makes

The difference a deep clean makes is literally life changing

Grace is a 76 year old lady who has lived in Lincoln her whole life. She previously lived with her parents in the bungalow she has called home for many years. Grace has a Sister, Niece and Nephew who are involved in her support network.

In October 2019, she was admitted to Lincoln County Hospital with pneumonia and stayed there for a number of weeks.

The discharge team assessed Grace as having capacity to manage her own health and finances.

Unfortunately, however Grace’s home was inhabitable due to hoarding, in this case mostly rubbish.

Your support was very helpful, she managed to get everything I needed. Thank you.

Grace was therefore discharged from hospital to the Ibis Hotel, which she was funding herself.

This left Grace anxious and worried, she had no idea how long she would be there for and what was going to happen to her home not to mention the financial implication of living in a hotel.

Hospital staff advised Grace to get in contact with Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire to support her with clearing her home and carrying out a deep clean. We spoke with Grace’s sister, who upon contacting us was extremely distressed about the situation.

We explained the process to her and checked that she had Grace’s full consent and we agreed to attend a home visit for an initial assessment.

On arriving at the Graces home, we were unable to gain full access due to the level of rubbish, which was piled up, to the windowsills.

They look beautiful, absolutely perfect!!! I have never had laundry come back like this, they are like new.

We accessed briefly to take some photographs in order to assess the level of work to be carried out and then arranged to meet Grace later on that day at the Ibis Hotel where we could discuss how we could support her and get her back into her beloved home.

Grace explained that following an attempted break in at her home, she had let things slide. She was sleeping in an armchair in her lounge and did not have a bed. We discovered that she had no heating in the property and it had therefore become very damp and cold. The only hot water that Grace had access to was via the shower as her boiler was broken.

It was agreed that as the first stage of supporting Grace, we would need to carry out an intensive deep clean. A skip was ordered and the team of 3 worked on clearing the property over 4 days and were able to get it cleared and cleaned during this time.

Unfortunately, even after the deep clean, there was still a lot of work to do in order for the property to be a nice comfortable living environment. The rooms were damp and laminate floors needed to be replaced. The entire property also needed to be decorated.

However Grace was able to move out of the hotel and back into her home, which was now clean and safe for her to return to.

We continue to support Grace twice weekly and are working together with her family to resolve the damp and flooring issue. Once this is completed, we can focus on helping Grace to decorate. The boiler has now been fixed and we can be assured that Grace will be comfortable and warm throughout the Winter months.


Strengthening Voice – Championing Rights – Changing Lives

Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire work with Total Voice Advocacy Service supporting older people across the county who may be vulnerable or marginalised, to enable them to have a voice and have their rights and wishes respected.

Issues supported with include

Financial Abuse
Housing and Accommodation
Care Planning
Family Mediation
Access to Social Care






Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire also recruit volunteers across the county, as a very important part of the delivery of the service. The volunteers help us raise awareness of the service in their own local communities by visiting care homes and older people’s community groups, offering information on the service and reaching those older people who may otherwise not have the opportunity to know this service is available to them.

Total Voice and AgeUK

Total Voice is Lincolnshire’s free advocacy partnership is funded by Lincolnshire County Council, delivering statutory and non-statutory advocacy services for Adults and Children and Young People across Lincolnshire. We have been working in partnership with Total Voice from the beginning of the project in July 2015.

This partnership, delivers specialist advocacy delivered by VoiceAbility, Barnardos and Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire, enabling access to advocacy for all residents of Lincolnshire.

The difference it makes

Stan was admitted into a care home for long-term care, he previously shared a supported living flat with his wife, until it became impossible to meet his extensive care needs in this environment. Following one of many admissions to hospital, he was discharged to a care home, the last place he wanted to be but Stan believed it was only a temporary arrangement, and he would soon to return home.

The supported living complex that Stan called home were unable to have him back as they felt they were unable to meet his care needs, and he had become demanding, pressing his call button hundreds of times a day and night. He also regularly called for an ambulance and made over 300 calls in one month.

Stan was sad and upset that he was unable go home and suggested his wife move into the care home with him. Sheila, Stan’s wife did not meet the care criteria necessary to attract a funded place in the home and would have to pay the full costs for her care if she moved in there to be with him.

I was very glad to have an advocate to speak to, other than just my social worker and the care home staff, they were all very kind, but were not really listening to me. Julie made me feel less alone, and I am grateful to have the support to get my points and concerns across and my voice heard.

Stan himself is funded for his care, and they financially would not be able to afford these costs, and he felt this was very wrong and would not accept this, how could they be kept apart this way, they could not afford to cover the costs for Sheila.

Stan decided that he wanted an advocate to support him to make a formal complaint to Lincolnshire County Council and Adult Social Care, to be an independent impartial voice supporting his case.

Our Advocate Julie and Stan worked together and an action plan was agreed outlining how we would try to resolve the issue. We also went through the complaints procedure in great detail to consider how we could help Stan confront his concerns with the relevant authorities.

Dealing firstly with the most pressing issue, that his care needs, could not currently be met in the community, and he was unable to return to the supported living flat that he loved so much and where his wife was. We discussed his wife moving in with him in his care home and the financial implications of this.

Julie arranged a meeting with Stan and Sheila, at this meeting we looked at possible solutions and spoke with the care home manager, who wanted to help if possible. The care home agreed for Sheila to spend full day visits to the care home, arriving in the morning and spending the days with Stan, she is also in a wheelchair and staff would assist her with personal care during the day. All meals would be included, and the cost would be £30 per day.

Stan and Sheila agreed this would be a way of them being able to see more of each other, and agreed to try it. Sheila was very clear to her husband, they could not afford for her to move in permanently, the supported living flat had now been put in her name, and she did not really want to give this up either.

Sheila is still arranging to spend full days in the care home with Stan, and is working with her social worker and care company to facilitate her transport to and from the home. Stan was satisfied with the arrangement and decided to withdraw his complaint and wait and see how he feels after the regular visits are in place.

Connect To Support Lincolnshire

Connect to Support Lincolnshire is an online information and advice library, community directory and marketplace for adults in Lincolnshire offering information and signposting about groups, activities and services within local communities.

This website is intended for adults who want to find out about local groups, activities and services within the community.

Connect to Support Lincolnshire

We, through the Lincs 2 Advice branding, are contracted by Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) to provide a webchat, telephone and email single point of access to the Connect to Support Lincolnshire website.

Due to COVID-19 in March all face to face engagement stopped which impacted the number of engagement events for the year. Face to face engagement will re-commence as soon as it is safe to do so in the next financial year.

The difference the service made in numbers

We supported almost 300 residents of Lincolnshire to access information on services available to them through the Connect to Support Lincolnshire website.

Our attendance at over 130 promotional events resulted in 117 new organisations adding their information to the site to increase options for people looking for support.

Day Centre

It has helped me to continue living with my carer-husband.

Our Day Centre offers the opportunity for older people and people living with dementia to enjoy regular social activities within a safe environment, meeting with a regular group of people who become part of their friendship group.

Our customers have varying needs, from older people who want a more social experience to those who require more care and support.

By using a person centred approach we promote dignity and independence, creating a bespoke support plan with each individual to support customers in a state of the art, purpose built facility within a homely and friendly environment.

Stimulating activities and entertainment are a regular fixture at the centre and include

Games, crafts, debates, supported reading, seated exercises, dancing and singing
Gardening and bird watching in the secure gardens
Themed activities and weeks
Developing new skills and retaining old ones
Improving overall independence and wellbeing
Hairdressing Service
Resident Podiatrist

We are a lively and friendly day centre with a busy social calendar of events which have reflected client’s interests and preferences.

2019 was the year of Music and Dance

Clients joined with Eccleshare Court residents to create Forget Me Not choir with regular musician lead sessions culminating in end of year performance. Greatest Show themed Christmas celebration with singing and dancing routine performed by costume wearing Day Centre staff and clients.

AgeUK Day Centre

Clients tried their hands at African Drumming through a lively workshop delivered by local group.

Scottish dancing and tea dances were held throughout the year. Clients enjoyed the music and the chance to get their ‘glad-rags’ on.

We have strong links to our community and are often visited by our local choir and children from our local dance school Rhythm in Movement.

AgeUK Day Centre Lincoln

Visits from professional entertainers throughout the year included 1940 jazz singer and 1960s singer/entertainer.

Support for the Carers of our customers is important to us and Carers can feel confident that when the person they care for is with us they are given the opportunity to take some time for themselves, knowing the person they care for is safe and entertained at the Day Centre.

An average of 50 customers led to 3,736 attendances for the year which equates to 71 visits a week.


Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire are a local independent charity and brand partner of Age UK. As an independent charity, we raise funds specifically to support projects and services for older people in Lincoln & South Lincolnshire.

Fundraising and income generation to support the charity includes

Sourcing funding from grants and trusts
Fundraising events
Legacies (Gifts in wills)
Corporate support partnerships
Retail donations
Gift aid

In the last financial year, the Fundraising and Marketing department grew with the addition of 2 new team members, a Community and Events Fundraiser and a Marketing Assistant.

Fundraising for AgeUK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire
Fundraising for AgeUK in Lincoln and South Lincolnshire
Fundraising for AgeUK around Lincoln and South Lincolnshire
Fundraising for AgeUK Lincoln and in South Lincolnshire

As our services and support grow, we are proactive in sharing this across as many platforms as possible, writing press releases, publishing magazine articles and designing and publishing content on social media.

We had a year of incredible fundraising events which included

Reminiscmas – the Carol Concert
Age On The Stage
Lincoln Fashion Show
The Big Top Ball
The City of Lincoln 10K
Skydives for later life

Our Annual charity ball held at The Hilton in Lincoln gave us our very own Greatest Show” Guests were welcomed by a female quartet singing a medley of The Greatest Showman songs and the evening included an envelope prize draw, a diamond necklace raffle, an incredible auction, food, cocktails a casino and live music. Over 170 people attended the ball, many in themed dress and the night was a huge success raising over £6000.

Our first ever Christmas Carol Concert “Reminiscmas” at St Peter and St Pauls Church and was attended by over 150 people. We had performances from 3 schools and professional musicians. Ticket holders enjoyed Mulled wine and mince pies and a grand total of £1101.19 was raised

Age On The Stage was our first ever Intergenerational fundraising talent show. Held in January at Lincoln’s historic New Theatre Royal following a round of countywide auditions. Ten finalists were selected to perform in front of a live audience in January.

“A beautiful, delicious cocktail of awesome.” Grandmother (Pauline), father (Lee) and daughter (Lilly) who make up 3G, were the winners of a £500 cash prize sponsored by Pepperell’s solicitors.

Fundraising efforts for AgeUK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire
Fundraising events for AgeUK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire
Fundraising for AgeUK Charity in Lincoln and South Lincolnshire
Fundraising for the AgeUK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire

Hosted by CBBC’s Chris Johnson and judged by guest stars including: “The Gadget Show” presenter - Jason Bradbury, Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist - Gracy Bijoux, West End leading lady of Mamma Mia and Kinky Boots - Georgia Louise, and BBC Look North Presenter - Peter Levy. From the ten acts that had reached the Grand Final, 3G came out on top with their own twist on classic song ‘Lost Boys’ by Ruth B.

The event raised awareness and much-needed funds for Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire who support over 4000 older people each week and look to help older people reconnect with society, remain independent and love later life.

As the champions were announced host Chris Johnson explained, “3G encapsulated what the competition is all about”.

Lee Evans, one third of 3G, said;

“We can’t believe it! ... It gave us an opportunity; it was nice to be able to perform together and for such a good cause.”

The packed New Theatre Royal was entertained by a variety of different acts throughout the night with a 97-year age range between the oldest and youngest performers in Young At Heart who stole all of our hearts. From mother and daughter operatic duo; Jolanta and Nicole, to a group connecting theatre, Makaton and parkour. There really was something for everyone.

Effie one of our incredible Fundraising Volunteers was crowned BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Inspirational Young Person of the year for her dedication to supporting fundraising events at Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire.


The retail department was established to generate unrestricted income to assist the organisation to fund its charitable services and enable more people to benefit whilst also offering a service to the community providing recycled, affordable fashion, homeware, books, children’s toys and furniture and has proved to be an integral part of their community. It has also helped us to reach people living in the local community who we may not have come across through our usual channels, and enabled us to share information about support services available to them.

AgeUK Retails and Shiops

This year saw our retail department grow from one shop to three, we opened a shop in Lincoln City Centre and our first shop in Boston town centre. The shops are run by paid staff but heavily supported by volunteers, without whom the shops could not function. Each shop has its own bank of volunteers who are able to use their skills or gain new skills as they give back to their community, and in some cases use the experience to help them find paid work.

We introduced ‘donation stations’ across the area to make it easier for people to donate as well as to encourage donations from local corporate businesses; this has also helped to expand the types of businesses we have relationships with who support the values of the organisation and want to give back to their community.

We opened 2 new shops and recruited 21 shop volunteers

Fabulous shop gets better each time I come in, kept lovely and clothes are excellent quality and clean. Thank you!

Towards the end of the year we started a house clearance service to help older people downsize or move into care or supported living. To help establish this project we purchased a van to help move furniture around the area, with the added advantage of also raising our profile. The project’s growth was hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent national lockdown, however it is planned to restart in the next financial year.

We regularly see more than 500 customers each week.

During the year we recruited 21 volunteers to work in the shops.


We were invited to take part in a TV show to highlight how charity shop shopping is the main source of shopping for some people and highlighted the ‘little gems’ that can be found in charity shops; this raised the profile of the shop and also the charity as a whole.

Retail Shops for AgeUK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire
Charity Shops for AgeUK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire
Fashion and Shops for AgeUK Lincoln and South Lincolnshire

Gift Aid income increased our income by £4,186.75 and registering customers to the scheme has increased in priority this year and will continue next year.

The Newark Road shop has a real community feel – one of our most regular customers has featured in our social media posts sharing his love for the items he has purchased from us

AgeUK L&SL Logo


Thanks for taking the time to read our annual report, and for all your support!